the Pink Pumps

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The Pink Pumps

The original Pumps were to be found gigging extensively round the pubs and clubs of the North West in the early 1980’s, usually as a three piece playing high energy new wave influenced rock music, more commonly known as Power Pop these days. They eventually fizzled out after a succession of guitarists failed to stick around…special mentions to Noel, Steve, Trev, Phil and Paul who all spanked their planks with us at some pumps

And then original members Ken and Dave decided it was time to have some fun again and get the show back on the road. Recording sessions have taken place and a record company is making interesting noises. A new drummer and guitarist have been recruited and gigs have been booked. Yes, thirty years later its Pumpin’ time again!

Who are they and why?

Ken Pump - Bass, keyboards, guitar, singing. An original Pump who dragged himself out of musical retirement for the reformation.
Dave Pump
- Guitar, singing. Another original Pump but more recently to be found in Drive North West and the Tribal Elders. He was a member of the almost famous Jeff Hill Band in the 1970’s.
Roman Pump - Lead guitar, keyboards, singing. Another ex member of Drive North West, but he was also in Sauce and the seriously rockin’ Dante Fox.
Gaff Pump - Drums, ex Drive North West.

Where did the name come from?

Ken spotted it at Dave’s house written on a notice board. It is a euphemism and has nothing to do with footwear. Work it out for yourself!

...At the Bike'n'Hound - January 2016 (
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The Pink Pumps brand themselves as a band playing "Power Pop". To be honest, I'm still not entirely sure what that is, but it's damned entertaining.

Their set list is eclectic to say the least, and well played to boot. Not to mention the vocals. Where some bands use electronic frippery to try and imitate the sound of multiple voices and harmonies, these guys actually do it themselves, and do it well.

Kicking off with "American Girl" they followed with Canned Heat's "On the road again" before sliding back with "Freefalling".

A remarkable lead guitar solo led to Queen's Hammer to fall and a lot of singing along, finishing off the first, slightly slower set with The Police's "So Lonely" and The Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil". A mammoth 2nd set started with "Rebel Rebel", "Hey Jealousy" and "2468" before segwaying to a bit of Genesis and "Jesus, he knows me". Led Zeppelin flew in after that with a fantastic rendition of "Good Times, Bad Times".

Add in some classics from Blondie, Neil Young, ZZ Top and some Hendrix too, and you can see why the crowd were dancing like loons and calling for more by the end.

A great night all round, and lovely to see some old faces who've not been in for a while. Just how it should be.


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