the Pink Pumps

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… and the Pink Pumps play?

A mix of covers and original songs, the musical genre we take as our jumping off point is Power Pop. Check it out on Wikipedia. Lots of guitars, drums, singing, great songs and cool riffs. You know it makes sense. The balance of cover songs to things we’ve written is determined by where we play and what you want, after all, you’re the audience! We have at our disposal the following tunes which will be mostly familiar to you, and if not, by the end of the gig they will be.
  1. American Girl Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
    Their first big hit and our opening number. Jolly Byrdsian Americana with lots of jangly D chords to whet the appetite. I get the impression from the lyrics that this was not written about Prestatyn.

  2. No Matter WhatBadfinger
    Classic pop rock from the unluckiest band in the world. I saw them live once, they were stunning.

  3. Something in the AirThunderclap Newman
    An iconic song from 1969. It was number 1 for three weeks when it somehow captured the mood of the times. Some might call it the vibe. We’ve dispensed with the mad piano bit in the bridge and lifted Tom Petty’s arrangement to amusingly change the key from A to E. Bass on the original was played by a certain Bijou Drains. He also played guitar in the Who.

  4. I Can’t ExplainThe Who
    Meaty, beaty, big and bouncy. Please sing along should you feel the need. And yes, you’re right, the Who are a major influence on us.

  5. September GurlsBig Star
    A band many people will be unaware of, but with a huge cult following amongst those in the know. This is their best known number covered by the Bangles, the Searchers and others. Strat-tastic! A recent reference point? Katie Perry had a number 1 hit in 2010 with California Gurls. Now, why did she spell it like that I wonder…?

  6. ChemistrySemisonic
    Second biggest hit for the admirably literate US band. Great guitar riff and unexpected melodies against interesting chords. You’ll love it.

  7. Hey JealousyThe Gin Blossoms
    A huge hit in the States for this alt rock band, but it didn’t do much here despite lots of radio play. An impassioned plea to an ex partner to let the protagonist in…lots of fuzzy guitars and stuff you know you like.

  8. Waterloo SunsetThe Kinks
    Original title? “Liverpool Sunset.“ A classic song and maybe Ray Davies crowning achievement. Is that really his natural hair colour these days?

  9. All Day and All of the NightThe Kinks

  10. Times Like TheseFoo Fighters
    Fab song with lots of counts of seven to destroy any meaningful dancing and do my brain in. Watch the lips move as we concentrate furiously and count the beats as they go by…

  11. Local Boy in the PhotoStereophonics
    One of their early hits, it rocks. Depressing, but only if you actually listen to the words!

  12. My SharonaThe Knack
    An arrangement that would challenge any prog band….fantastic and iconic pop song which put the rest of the Knack’s career in the shade.

  13. Paperback WriterThe Beatles
    Both sides of the Fab Four's 1966 masterpiece single. Say no more.

  14. Hanging on the TelephoneBlondie
    We got our version off a Def Leppard covers album. None of us have a set of cheekbones to match Mistress Harry, but Roman has a perfectly serviceable pair of knees.

  15. SubstituteThe Who
    Any song which mentions plastic macs and gets in the charts has to have something going for it. As Pete once said, it was their first number 4.

  16. I Can See For MilesThe Who
    We dip our toes in psychedelia with this killer Pete Townsend number. Gaff has full reign to live out any Keith Moon fantasies and Ken is happy because he can play E for virtually the whole song. He’s only got little hands you know.

  17. The ChainFleetwood Mac
    A fine bit of mid 1970’s angst, presumably aimed at the gauzy pixie to the right of the guitarist interminably ranting on and on about witches. That would piss anybody off. The bass riff has become synonymous with Formula One. But who wrote the riff? Mr McVie or Mr Buckingham?

  18. Jessie's GirlRick Springfield
    OK, it only got to number 43 in the charts in the UK, but it’s still a killer record which has been lurking unseen at the back of your mind since 1984. Consequently you will soon find yourself wandering about making toast / feeding the cat etc. singing the chorus and cursing us. But we don’t care.

  19. Where The Streets Have No NameU2
    Q magazine voted this as the 16th most exciting song ever, the 132nd most exciting song ever being “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” by Marie Osmond (Slayer Mix). It’s certainly been played at almost every gig U2 have done since 1987, and 25 years on, we’ll be doing it too! So come on, hands aloft…

  20. The Ballad Of John and YokoThe Beatles
    One of the last Fab Four singles, and none of us have ever heard anyone else play it, so we will!

  21. Hammer To FallQueen
    We will not, repeat not, be wearing lycra, spandex or cloaks during our performance of this song.

  22. Pulling Mussels From A ShellSqueeze
    Seaside japes and a jolly chorus that mixes up English and Swiss folklore. But who cares, it rhymes.

  23. Stay With MeFaces

  24. So LonelyThe Police

  25. Pump It UpElvis Costello
    A cheerful dose of vitiol from the master of the sarcastic put down.

  26. Paper SunTraffic
    A period piece of psychedelia in which Roman uses all available fingers to duplicate the sitar part.

  27. TushZZ Top
    This seems to have something to do with sexual frustration and a gentleman's efforts to deal with the problem. Probably set in Texas.

  28. Rebel RebelDavid Bowie
    No, no zig zag face make up for the Pumps.

  29. Good Times, Bad TimesLed Zeppelin
    Good fun at the end with Gaf tearing into his drum set.

  30. Take Me OutFranz Ferdinand
    Riffs you can bop to.

  31. Free Fallin'Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    A song about bits of America I will never get to visit. Mind you, I doubt the venerable Mr Petty will ever get to explore Newton Le Willows, so that evens things up somewhat. Or does it?

  32. Paper SunTraffic
    Nobody plays songs by Traffic. Except us, and it’s a jolly good one too despite the fact we don’t have a sitar in our arsenal

  33. Jesus He Knows MeGenesis
    Back from when Phil Collins and his chums had abandoned prog, their original audience and wearing giant Fox heads. Great track though, it rocks.

  34. Rockin’ in the Free WorldNeil Young
    Lots of other bands do this and we get asked for it. So here it is. We aim to please.

  35. I Knew the BrideDave Edmunds
    Top track written by Nick Lowe and a big hit for Mr E back in the days when the charts actually had songs in with wit and good composition.

  36. I’m a ManSpencer Davis Group
    Part of our occasional repertoire when the mid sixties loom large on our collective horizon.

  37. Whatcha Gonna Do About ItSmall Faces
    Amazing what you can do with three chords repeated ad infinatum glued together with hormones.

  38. Sh La La La LeeSmall Faces
    More modtastic sounds which we occasionally roll out when the time is right.