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A new showcase for my small model cakes, pastries and other foods.
I have recently taken up modelling in polymer clay and when casting around for inspiration tried out a wee practise cake. It turned out a bit wonky but left me wanting to make more. This has lead to a couple of lovely celebratory confections from I Do Cake being realised in miniature form .

Celebration Replicakes

To create a replicake based on a real cake will require a good quality photo of the full size cake and will take a minimum of two weeks to complete once details have been finalised.
Replicakes do not have to copy an existing cake, and one can be created from scratch using details or sketches you supply.

Prices start at £15 +pp for a basic one tier cake. The final price will be arrived at after receiving the detailed requirements. (The samples shown below are in the £35 range.)
*To order a replicake of your own please contact me by email
Click on a wee photy to see more detail in a large version.

The photographs above were taken by Lynzi at Carpe Diem Photography - many thanks

Custom Cakes
Seasonally Decorated Cakes and 90th Birthday Cake with Spray of Red Roses,
Spring Blossom, Be-ribboned and Sunflowery Celebration Cakes

xmasCakes4_square.JPGicedXmasCake_rectangle_small.jpg90th Birthday Cake with Red Rosesspring Blossom CakeBlack Ribbon Celebration CakePink'n'Purple Ribbon Celebration CakeTerracotta Sunflower Cake

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NOTE: Items are individually handmade and modelled from polymer clay, or polymer clay covering a base. Models are not made to any strict scale. They are intended as collectables, not toys.


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tiny platefullYou'll Have Had your Tea?
(£5.00 +pp)

High tea, afternoon tea, birthday tea, anytime tea or coffee. A plateful of tiny collectable cakey favourites! All very pink/yellow/chocolate icing, marzipan and sponge and even a cherry if you are lucky!
For more info or to purchase hop to or click on the cupcakes.

tiny cupcakesSay it with Cupcakes!
(£3.00 +pp)

A tiny cupcake presented on a handmade coloured plate. Available in blackforest, butterscotch and chocolate flavours.
For more info or to purchase hop to or click on the cupcakes.

Say it with Sponge! (£5.00 +pp)

A tiny collectable for the one you love - or who loves cake! 15 different cakes presented in three sets - vanilla, coffee, chocolate sponge, cream, chocolate or vanilla icing finished with raspberries, cherries and chocolate buttons. For more info or to purchase hop over to or click on the cakes. Raspberry Cream Heartfeathered Stripe Icing15 Cakes on ParadeBlackforest cherry Cream

Say it with Icing! (£8.00 +pp)

valentinies cakes Tiny collectable cakes for the one you love - or who loves cake! 5 styles, all sweetly iced to reflect the valentinie season.
Cherry On It - two red hearts top a pink iced confection swirled in white. Red Hearts - hot and glossy over an innocent white cake. Pink Hearts - delicate pink hearts vie with tiny green accents to whisper sweet nothings. On Fire - two white hearts languish in the flaming swirls of passion. Stand Up - a red heart and a pink heart cling together. For more info or to purchase, hop to or click on the cakes.